With the need to transport and market merchandise within the country, whether objects or food, national land transport has been created as an activity of the tertiary sector, which allows this merchandise to be moved from a point of origin to a point of destination, representing one of the activities with the greatest expansion due to industrialization and mainly to the increase in trade, and which, together with the development of technology, allows this activity to become increasingly safer, more efficient and less costly.

It is especially important to take into account that this national ground service is a set of elements that, in order to carry out a good operation, must interact with each other correctly. (vehicles, infrastructure, laws, communication channels).

As we know, ground transportation in Mexico has become a key piece for the distribution, shipping and receiving of all kinds of merchandise for the development of trade in the country. Aware of the competition in the market, we make each start and end of a land shipment a success, and with the extensive experience gained in the logistics field over the years, we are able to cover each of the needs, having as a competitive advantage the ability to develop customized solutions, simplifying processes and times, giving added value to our service, and of course with the quality and reliability that each of our clients deserves with competitive costs.