We offer comprehensive solutions for all or part of your logistics chain: collection of merchandise, storage, or delivery to final destination, among others. We have more than 3,000 square meters of warehouses, located in Manzanillo; Col., Altamira; Tamps, García; N.L. and San Luis Potosí; SLP, where we can protect your merchandise for as long as necessary, we manage communication systems via EDI, which will allow you to be informed in real time of any movement in the warehouse. We carry out all kinds of intermediate needs that our clients require: palettizations (so that they take full advantage of the container space), packaging, shrink wrapping, handling, sampling, quality control, segregation, assembly, labeling, etc.
• Our facilities and machinery allow us to properly handle all types of merchandise: coils, bullets, pallets, iron beams, heavy machinery, capital goods, vehicles, as well as their storage, stock control, location and FIFO exits and LIFO.
• We facilitate the loading and unloading of marine containers to the ground, improving safety during filling and emptying, which allows us to increase productivity and eliminate the costs of waiting for the transport of our clients.
• We offer the possibility of high-value cargo storage thanks to our 24-hour security service, 365 days a year.
• Rent of boxes or containers for storage of merchandise on site.