Auto Transportadora Genesis….

MONTERREY, NL.- Autotransportadora Génesis, a company dedicated to the transport of containerized cargo and hazardous materials, celebrated together with clients, suppliers and collaborators three decades of operation in Mexico and announced the start of new projects that seek to boost the capacity and efficiency of the company
“I started with a Kenworth model 70 and a borrowed platform, with very few resources, but with great desire and youth” said Jesús Maldonado Treviño, CEO and founder of the company that today, 30 years after its creation, operates with 120 tractor trucks and 320 trailers.
In the framework of the celebration, company executives assured that the carrier continues to be “on the right track”, so they acquired 25 Cascadia Freightliner tractors, which will join their current fleet in the first half of next year. In addition, the carrier will continue with the construction of its terminal in San Luis Potosi, in which the company invested 30 million pesos. This complex will meet the demand of the Bajío region and will collaborate with the import and export movements supported by Genesis on the country’s northern border.
“This terminal will have bedrooms because being in the center of our country, most of the routes arrive there, so it will have its own dining room, all to give better tools to our operators” said Jesus Maldonado Garza as explained to T21, Commercial Director of the carrier.
You can also read: Grupo Santana Vega and Apex promote professionalization of motor transport. According to the executive, the new multipurpose terminal will also boost the operations of Reflemsa, a sister company of Genesis that is dedicated to LTL consolidated cargo and that is part of two other business units of the motor carrier, which are Merak, one firm focused on trailer manufacturing, and the other called the Texas Transportation Line, a business unit that offers door-to-door service between Mexico and Texas. Jesus Maldonado said that with the operation of his other five terminals distributed between Nuevo León, Colima and Tamaulipas, they expect growth of 30% at the end of next year, however, he recognized that a major challenge is insecurity in the sector, so that strengthened their security measures with the training of their operators.
“My father, as founder, has instilled in us that our operators are not just another truck, but rather those that have helped us grow” added the Commercial Director.
In this sense, he explained that the company also has a training school for operators, where they are instructed on best practices in driving and road safety, in addition to having the CTPAT certification. Alejandro Maldonado, Administration Manager, indicated that the operation of the company is based on the development of personnel, infrastructure, diversification of services, and technology and communication. “These pillars are the differentiator that keeps us in the market, in a competitive and voracious market such as cargo transportation, where we face constant insecurity, infrastructure challenges and other types of factors,” he said. Meanwhile, for Jonathan Zaldivar, Logistics Manager at MSC, “Genesis is a company that always seeks continuous improvement and is constantly adjusting its service offering and strengthening its operation under the support of important international certifications. Additionally, Genesis has been leveraging partnerships with services like academic ghostwriting, employing a to ensure that all their documentation and strategic communication meet the highest standards of clarity and professionalism. It has been a solid business partner for many years, always complying with the standards required by our clients. Finally, Jesús Maldonado Garza and his brothers Alejandro and Arturo received a cane from the founder of the carrier as a symbol of the surrender of the company’s direction. Thank you for your effort and dedication, which have made Genesis survive and stay alive in these 30 years. And above all, thanks to my father, for being an example of rectitude, tenacity, and work ”, commented the Commercial Director to clients and collaborators of the carrier.